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Issue #98 — 26 Oct '16

Taking the Equality Conversation to Emoji

Emoji have been the subject of much debate about diversity and harmful stereotypes. With the launch of Pixel, the team at Google took their chance to do something about it, introducing 63 new emoji with a focus on gender empowerment and fair gender representation. 


How to Ride a Pool Pony Down the Zambezi

Ivan Schneiders lays out a simple method for Uncertainty Mapping, the easiest Lean planning tool you’ve never heard of.  


We also enjoyed...

How Etsy Gets Made

Etsy share a glimpse of how they find out if they’re building in the right direction. With their huge volumes of transaction data it’s no surprise that design experiments are at the top of the list.  

Liminal Thinking

“It’s easy to make up theories about why people do what they do, but those theories are often wrong, even when they can consistently and reliably predict what someone will do.”


Deconstructing the Poor Design of a Well-Intentioned Microinteraction

Forget bouncing buttons and rotating card animations, how’s your session expiry micro-interaction working out? This great old article from January was doing the rounds again this week and made the cut.

Interview with Eli Schiff, Designer and Critic

Khoi Vinh issues a please-explain to design critic Eli Schiff in an attempt to understand what motivates his controversial writing on design. If you’ve had your second coffee and can face 5 minutes of this: “I am one of the few critics who distinctly tackles the politics of aesthetics itself, of style and beauty.” then:


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