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Issue #73 — 04 May '16

Mistakes to avoid when designing micro-interactions

Issara Willenskomer lays out five grounded and helpful animation principles to curb our crazy micro-interactions.


Buttons in design systems

A button is the purest expression of a system’s visual style. It combines the “big three” attributes — color, typography, and iconography — into a single unit. Nathan Curtis shares some tips for the humble button.

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On surveys

Design Researcher Erika Hall writes about the pursuit of quantitative data and the dangers of surveys. "A survey shouldn’t be a fallback for when you can’t do the right type of research."


We also enjoyed...

Scaling knowledge at Airbnb

AirBnB built a Knowledge Repo to tackle the challenge of keeping their growing design team in sync. Will their five key tenets for scaling knowledge work for your team?

Know How

Making... and breaking the grid

Airtable made the bold step step of moving from a conventional grid to a calendar view and it wasn't easy. See how they fared.

Break it down

Rediscovering Apples 1987 human interface guidelines

Bryan Hodson revisits Apple’s 1987 Human Interface Guidelines to see how they’ve held up.

Step back in time

Why we need new typefaces

Typeface design is an ongoing discipline. Typefaces speak of where a culture is, its priorities and aspirations. We no longer live in the same societies as our predecessors. 



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