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Issue #62 — 17 Feb '16

Quartz’s new app wants to text you the news

Jumping on the messaging UI bandwagon, Quartz released their new iPhone app which texts you heavily curated, drip-fed news headlines and highlights. While the onboarding has been hailed a success some early users have declared it a flop for its shallow approach to actually delivering the news.


Chinese mobile UI trends

Dan Grover is back with another installment of his thoughts on UI design in China – It’s a fascinating glimpse into something that can feel quite impenetrable. To get some understanding of the size of the market, WeChat had more mobile transactions over just Chinese new year than Paypal had in 2015.


Why B2B and enterprise design is the next frontier of design impact

Margaret Stewart, champion for the underrepresented world of enterprise design, speaks about why this may be the highest-impact opportunity that exists for designers today.


We also enjoyed...

Deconstructing the poor design of a well-intentioned microinteraction

Jared Spool analyses an unfortunate case of session timeouts, and uses Dan Saffer’s Microinterations framework to offer some improvements.


Intercom podcast: Mike Davidson on product design

“Hark! A podcast! Wherein I discuss matters of design* with former VP of Design at Twitter” – Emmet Connolly (*Twitter Moments, building great products and creating a healthy culture.)

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A minimum viable product is not a product, it’s a process

Avoid the common pitfalls of the often misunderstood MVP by asking yourself – “What is my riskiest assumption? What is the smallest experiment I can do to test this assumption?”


Uncovering the jobs that customers hire products and services to do

“People do not buy stuff, they buy what stuff does for them.” A great introduction to the Jobs-to-be-Done framework, with interviewing tools and methods that'll help you understand the real motivations of your customers.


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