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Issue #60 — 03 Feb '16

Inside Facebook’s ambitious plan to connect the whole world

Wired dive into Zuck and co’s grand plans and progress on They’re developing new methods to deliver the net, including lasers, drones, and new artificial intelligence–enhanced software.


IBM Design Thinking

IBM up their design game with a new manifesto on their approach to understanding people and delivering outcomes at enterprise scale.

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How to choose the right UX metrics for your product

As the old saying goes, not everything that counts can be measured, and not everything that can be measured counts. Google UX researcher, Kerry Rodden, helps us find the pieces that matter in the metric chaos.


We also enjoyed...

The fidelity curve: How to weigh the costs and benefits of creating UI mockups

"The higher the fidelity of the mockup, the more confidence it gives me. But the longer it takes to create that mockup, the more time I’ve wasted on an intermediate step before building the real thing."

the right tools for the job

Voice interaction UX

Nielsen Norman check out the usability of Siri vs Google Now vs Alexa, and uncover some common pitfalls. While voice interaction is markedly different from visual interfaces, classic usability principles still apply.

Brave new world, same old story

2016 State of email report

It’ll cost you your email address, but this report from Litmus is packed with all things best practice, trends and stats to bring you up to speed.

Understanding email

Thoughts from Atomic

What job is design hired to do?

As design continues its ascent inside the organizations who employ it, the answer keeps changing.

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