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Issue #55 — 17 Dec '15

Design, white lies & ethics

What is the balance between total truth and user comfort? Dan Tuner navigates some grey areas and suggests a framework for ensuring your UI white lies aren’t dark patterns.

Keep it ethical

The weight of design

It seems like each week we hear of a large well designed product failing to find traction. Has a hyper focus on design led us to overvalue its importance? What can we do to ensure we don’t get caught up?

Get grounded

Facebook shuts down its experimental Creative Labs division

Speaking of which, after 2 years Facebook is shuttering Creative Labs and the apps it spawned (Paper, Slingshot, Rooms etc). While these apps were celebrated for innovative interfaces and interaction patterns it wasn’t enough for them to succeed.

Read on the verge


Improvements to the Tesla UI

UNITiD answer Elon’s call for improvements to the Tesla UI with some suggestions that go further than a surface level polish.


‘Learn more’ links. You can do so much better.

We’ve all done it. Lazy calls to action.  The grandfathers of usability the Nielson Norman group suggest that links like these create uncertainty because users don’t know what to expect. Luckily they provide some solutions, so it never, ever has to happen again.

Learn more

Fjord trends — 2016

Fjord make some predictions for the year ahead.

Where we're going we don't need roads


Atomic Showcase

We’ve updated our website with more designs and prototypes created in Atomic. You can instantly copy most of these into your own account to use them to kick start your own prototypes.

Take a look

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