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Issue #171 — 01 Jun '18

By the people, for the people: Keeping your design system evergreen​

In the Hubspot team’s third article on Canvas, their new design system, they address one of the hardest challenges in design systems: using them. Or more to the point, the impact of how your team interacts with the system on an ongoing basis.


Tab Bars are the new Hamburger Menus

Are Tab Bars a pattern that’s got out of hand? Fabian Sebastian breaks it down. Sadly this article doesn’t contain a joke about a hamburger walking into a tab bar asking to see the menu, but it’s still a great read. 


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What if the prototype was a fully working game of blackjack?

When we shipped JavaScript features in Atomic, our own Bradley Simpson decided it was time to take the plunge and learn the basics of JS. Turns out, you can make insanely powerful prototypes in Atomic.

Here’s what Brad made, using the incredible GoT game cards illustrated by Amanda Penley. Prepare to lose an hour of your life playing this. Oh, and if you’re playing it on iOS, it’s even better if you use the (free) Atomic review app. ​


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