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Issue #138 — 25 Aug '17

Are app reviews worth reading?

Spoiler alert: apparently yes! John Saito from Dropbox shares delightful insights from reading thousands of reviews of Dropbox’s mobile apps.

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Why ❤️ trumps 👏

Lucas Neumann goes deep on one of Medium’s smallest yet most controversial changes – its move to using “Claps” over recommendations symbolised with a heart.
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We also enjoyed...

Image of icons suggesting sight, sound, captions, magnification, syntax, colour

Design Principles: a guide to less shitty feedback

The bigger your team is the more you’re going to benefit from things that give you a shared vision and shared goals, and prevent discussions descending into pure personal opinion and preference. Developing a set of design principles could be just what you need.

Get principled

How we build products at Asana — The Product Process: From Inception to Launch

Get an insight into how the team at Asana use PM buddies, Product Forums and other processes to drive their end-to-end product development process.

Know thy Process
Graphic of Swarm app layouts in Sketch

Integrating Animation into a Design System

Animation is often considered to be one of the harder things to document and develop consistency in for a team. Learn techniques for documenting and taming the animation beast.

Ease-in to it

History of Icons

A visual romp through the history of icons used in operating systems since the beginning of graphical interfaces. Remember Workbench on the Amiga? Those were good times.

Point and click

Desktop Kit

Amen. A Sketch template of UI elements found in macOS from the Facebook Design team. Bonus: Did you know Microsoft also has a kit for Windows?

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Graphic of notebook sketches and notes

We’ve just made a big improvement to how gestures work in Atomic. You can now add multiple gestures to hotspots or any other type of elements, including images and rectangles. This makes it easier than ever to create a wide range of hover effects and swipe behaviours.


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