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Issue #130 — 28 Jun '17

Applying systems thinking in product design

From the Design Team at Intercom – how design systems thinking can be used to create new products and improve existing ones. 


Designing Facebook Spaces — Embarking on a new VR journey

A four-part series on how Facebook is designing for VR. From assembling a team to choosing their tools & process, there’s a lot they’ve had to learn and a lot more still to overcome.


We also enjoyed...

A beginner's guide to designing interface animations

If you’re looking to brush up on your web animation skills, take a read of this guide by Val Head. Val’s got you covered with her tips on how to use animation principles in web design.


No No No

A thoughtful piece from Julie Zhou on when and how to say no – whether it’s to colleagues or your toddler.


Design in the era of the algorithm

“The design and presentation of data is just as important as the underlying algorithm. Algorithmic interfaces are a huge part of our future, and getting their design right is critical—and very, very hard to do.”


The design process in VR, AR, and MR

Why applying the traditional design process to VR, AR and MR isn’t the most efficient way to design for these immersive experiences, and what could be improved.


Shaping Design Culture

A great read from Mia Blume, former design lead at Pinterest, Square, and IDEO on how to create and shape design culture within your organization.


Prototyping and the Realism Threshold [video]

Taylor Palmer’s talk at Front earlier this year on the landscape of prototyping and the importance of illusion, simulation and expression.


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